Press Releases

Sep 2018 Neuronascent Awarded $2.25 Million NIH Grant to Develop a Regenerative Therapeutic for Alzheimer’s Disease READ MORE

Nov 2017 Neuronascent Granted Composition of Matter Patent in Europe for Oral Neuron Regenerative Technology READ MORE

Oct 2017 Opened Fundable Project READ MORE

Apr 2017 Neuronascent Appoints New Board Member. READ MORE

Jan 2017 Neuronascent Announces Third US Patent Issued Covering Therapeutics for Neurodegenerative and Neuropsychiatric Disorders. READ MORE

Apr 2015 Neuronascent Secures Financing for Development of Its Alzheimer's Therapeutic. READ MORE

Feb 2015  Neuronascent Announces Expanded Patent Coverage In US and Russia For Its Alzheimer's Disease and Down Syndrome Therapeutics. READ MORE

Apr 2014  Neuronascent Successfully Completes Pre-IND Meeting with FDA for Alzheimer’s Disease Therapeutic. READ MORE

Jan 2014  Neuronascent, Inc. Announces Issuance of US Patent Covering Second-Generation Neurorestorative Therapeutic Candidate. READ MORE

Nov 2013  Neuronascent, Inc. Alzheimer’s Disease Therapeutic Candidate Selected for Preclinical Safety Testing. READ MORE

Oct 2011  Neuronascent Issued US Patent for Neurogenesis, Therapeutic Candidates. READ MORE

May 2011  Neuronascent Receives State and Federal Funding for Its Neurogenesis Therapeutic Programs. READ MORE

Sep 2009  Neuronascent to present at Life Sciences Summit 2009. READ MORE

Aug 2008  Neuronascent, Inc. Receives Multiple Fundings for Its Neurogenesis Therapeautic Programs. READ MORE

Jan 2008  State of Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development Challenge Fund Grant awarded. READ MORE

Nov 2007  TEDCO Announces Phase II Maryland Technology Transfer Fund Award with Johnson & Johnson Corporate Office of Science and Technology. READ MORE

Mar 2007  Montgomery County (Maryland) Department of Business and Economic Development grant awarded

Mar 2007  Lifeline Cell Technology, LLC license agreement signed. READ MORE

Apr 2007  Phase II Maryland Technology Transfer Fund/J & J Grant awarded

Jan 2007  Washington Business Journal. View Article

Jul 2006  MIT Technology Review. View Article


Feb 2016 Neuronascent's Research Tool Aimed at Stroke Tolerance is Characterized in 2016 Publication. The title of the article is “Arctic ground squirrel neuronal progenitor cells resist oxygen and glucose deprivation-induced death,” authored by the Founder and colleagues. READ MORE

Sep 2014 NI Research’s September 2014 Issue of NeuroPerspective fully reviews Alzheimer’s therapeutics and prominently mentions Neuronascent, Inc. In covering the different approaches to Alzheimer’s therapeutic development, the review notes that “The one neurogenesis-focused company prioritizing Alzheimer’s is Neuronascent”.   NeuroPerspective publisher Dr. Harry Tracy also called Neuronascent “the neurogenesis specialist,” and he selected Neuronascent’s program as one of the ‘Top Ten’ CNS partnering opportunities to be presented at the Informa Therapeutic Area Partnerships conference, which will be held in Boston this November.

Sep 2012  NeuroNascent Aims to Reverse Neurodegenerative Damage. Full BioWorld Today article available

Aug 2009  American Chemical Society, Presentation - Washington DC

Jun 2009  Power of Ten Conference, Presentation – Baltimore, MD

Feb 2009  Wharton Health Care Conference, Presentation – Feb 09, Philadelphia, PA

Dec 2008  MidAtlantic Capital (MAC) Conference, Presentation – Philadelphia, PA

Oct 2008  MidAtlantic BIO Conference, Presentation – Chantilly, VA

Oct 2008  Charlottesville Venture Business Forum, Presentation Charlottesville, VA
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June 2008  International Society for Neurogenesis Conference, Presentation Bejing, China

Nov 2007  Society for Neuroscience Conference, Presentation San Diego, California

Feb 2007  International Stroke Conference, Presentation San Francisco, California.
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Feb 2006  Current Alzheimer Research, Publication Volume 3 Number 1, 55-62 Discovery of Neurogenic, Alzheimer's Disease Therapeutics

News & Events

Mar 2014  Neuronascent to participate in the Redefining Early Stage Investment (RESI) Innovation Challenge, an investment meeting in Boston, MA, March 24, 2014.

May 2012  Dr. Kelleher-Andersson, the President and CSO of Neuronascent, Inc. presented at the annual Neurotechnology Industry Organization meeting in Boston. Kelleher-Andersson led off the Frontiers in Neurotech panel, by describing the large unmet need for disease modifying therapies to treat Alzheimer’s disease, post-traumatic stress disorder and Down syndrome, then suggested how Neuronascent’s first-in-class therapeutic candidates might address those unmet needs.

Mar 2012  Patent claims were issued in South Korea for Neuronascent’s National patent application entitled “Methods and compositions for stimulating neurogenesis and inhibiting neuronal degeneration”. Patent claims had previously been issued in the US and Russia back in 2011.

Feb 2012  The founder and President of Neuronascent, Inc., Dr. Judith Kelleher-Andersson presented details of Neuronascent’s Alzheimer’s disease and Down syndrome pre-clinical therapeutic candidates at the 14th American Society for Experimental Neurotherapeutics conference in Washington, DC.

Jun 2011  Dr. Kelleher-Andersson, the President and CSO of Neuronascent, is planning to attend the BIO meeting in Washington D.C. This BIO International meeting “is the largest global event for the biotechnology industry”. It also “offers key networking and partnering opportunities” for small biotech companies like Neuronascent.

Dec 2010  Judith Kelleher-Andersson, Ph.D., the founder and CSO of Neuronascent was an invited speaker at CBI’s 4th Annual Alzheimer’s Disease Drug Discovery Summit on December 14th in Washington DC. Dr. Kelleher-Andersson presented work on Neuronascent’s preclinical lead AD candidate and the status of neurogenesis for neurodegenerative diseases in a talk entitled “Utilizing neurogenic therapeutics in an effort to reverse Alzheimer’s disease”.

Dec 2010  Neuronascent receives a Maryland Biotechnology Center Translational Research award for their application entitled “Preclinical Development of Novel Neurogenic Depression Candidate,” The grant of $199,204.88 will support studies to move Neuronascent’s lead depression candidate toward human testing and determine whether this neurogenic agent will also be effective in improving cognitive capacity in young Down syndrome individuals. The Brain Translational Center at Johns Hopkins University under the leadership of Dr. Barbara Slusher will collaborate specifically to scale-up the synthesis of this small molecule compound and to determine if there could be any potential toxicity issues in moving toward human clinical testing.

Oct 2010  Neuronascent receives a Therapeutic Drug Discovery Grant awarded to companies that are presently developing therapeutics for diseases with unmet need. All applicants were examined both by NIH for scientific value and then by the IRS prior to receipt of award. Monies will be spent for further development costs for Neuronascent’s Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease therapeutic candidates.


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